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Solnik Garden is a farm in a great location in the outskirts village of Solnik in Bulgaria. Solnik is located on the north side of Stara Planina, or the Balkan Mountains, which extends all the way down to the Black Sea to the east. Solnik is about 25 minutes by car to Byala and Obzor on the Black Sea coast. The farm is south-facing and in a gently sloping valley that offers fantastic views of the agricultural area of ​​Solnik.

Here live many young people who have established themselves and invested in agriculture of various kinds. There are just under 300 residents living here.

Solnik Village

The idea is to establish a farm that offers farm holidays for both Norwegian and Bulgarian tourists. This applies to the toddler family, young or old people, who want a more peaceful life in beautiful nature. Away from or a break from tourist spots like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Here there will be opportunities to visit the animals on the farm or just wander around the yard, cycle along great bike paths, hike in the area or in the mountains. Hunting opportunities are also possible on wild boar if it is of interest.