So nice that you are visiting our website.

We are a couple from Norway who have long been looking to start with agriculture and tourism. Both Norway and abroad have been in focus, but the climate in Norway recent years have turned our focus more and more towards abroad. Although this is a much larger process.

It has been a long journey that really started in the bathtub at home in Oslo as a bright idea. The journey started with a vist in Piedmont in north Italy and then to Bulgaria, which have been combined with really fantastic holidays trips. With a rental car we have driven around and seen many great places, also less beautiful places. Met many wonderful people, and formed nice acquaintances and relationships. Bulgaria has fantastic recreational opportunities with both sun, beaches and hiking opportunities, in the seaside, countryside and in and around the Balkan mountains and much much more.

Since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, several Bulgarians have now sought EU funding in several of the EU’s many programs. This should help the ordinary Bulgarian to increase the country’s growth. There is no doubt that Bulgaria has enormous resources that have not yet returned to its usefulness after the communist era.

Bulgaria is still an affordable country to visit. The country is so much more than the tourist machines on the coast. We believe many people want to experience authentic life out in the countryside and to the small villages, where you meet farmers, chickens, donkeys and even pigs strolling around.
Maybe combined with hunting, for instance wild boar, which is found in the forests here.

We are now at the starting point of the journey, where we are in the process of buying a property large enough to create ‘farmhouse holiday’. How this will eventually turn out to be, we are not entirely sure, but we think the dream will turn into reality in the end.

If you follow along you will be able see yourself.