This picture I bought on a visit to Jeløya in Moss November 2008. I knew right away that this picture I should have. Rolf told me where he got the inspiration from when he made the pictures. This can be seen from this picture he created by listening to Paco de Lucia, which is a series of pictures (monotypes) from various artists he appreciated. He called the series ‘Nocturne’.
The little tag over photo he was supposed to include with the pictures, but I think he must have forgotten to add it when he wrapped the pictures, which I picked up after his exhibition was over. It is not easy to see what it says, but something I have managed to interpret. The picture is supposedly made in his gallery ‘the yellow house’ on North Jutland in October 2008.
It was sad to read that he passed away in March 2017

I found these articles when I searched the web for more details about Rolf Thomas Thommessen and the image I bought of him in 2008.