The ad from the broker before buying the farm

The property is the last one on the outskirts of the village. It is bordered on two sides by wheat fields and by a spacious yard on third side with some land that have been belonging to relatives of the owner. The closest neighbors are approximately 200 m from the property. All together the property has an area of 9,733 sq. m regulated land and 3,579 sq.m agriculture land. Total area is 13,312 sq.m. There are two houses, several farm and auxiliary buildings as well as two wells.

The farm

The original house was built in 1900 and comprises only one small room. It had been maintained for many years by the earlier owners but as they were getting older that had become impossible for them so it is now slowly falling in disrepair.

The other house was built in 1958 and is situated in the middle of the living part of the property which offers seclusion and peace. It is a solid brick house consisting of an entrance hall, two spacious rooms and a third smaller room which could be used as a kitchen. This house will also require renovation.

The farm

As far as utilities are concerned, the property is connected to the electric and water supply systems. The toilet is external, a septic tank type. One of the wells is on the territory on of the living part and is 16m deep and about a 1m wide; the other one is 9 deep and 4m wide and was used for the irrigation of the crops.

Solnik Village

The land itself is highly fertile. The owner told us that they used to produce tomatoes in large quantities for sale at the market. There are also a lot of fruit trees such as cherry, apple, and pear as well as raspberry and blackberry bushes. The region where the village is situated was famed for its grape production. The property itself used to have a vineyard which has withered due to not being tended to for many years. The property is fenced by a net fence and hedges. 

Just 5 minutes from the property there is a semi-covered barbecue area with a water fountain and long tables. The fountain was built by the grandfather of the owner while the rest was constructed by his grandchildren and they often use it for family gatherings among nature. It is not part of the property and is used by all people in the village.